• Shwayze - Let It Beat 2009 - [Muzik]



    Artist.......: Shwayze
    Title........: Let It Beat
    Label........: Geffen
    Genre........: Hip-Hop
    Play Time....: 00:46:03
    Release Size.: 63.68 mb
    Bitrate......: 183kbit av
    Rip Date.....: 2009-10-27
    Store Date...: 2009-11-03

    01. Livin' It Up (Feat. Snoop Dogg)    3:03
    02. Get U Home                         3:12
    03. Crazy For You                      4:12
    04. Maneatrr                           3:19
    05. Sally Is A...                      4:22
    06. Dirty Little Girl (Feat. The Knux) 3:47
    07. Down At The Motel                  3:23
    08. Daze Like This                     3:43
    09. Wait All Night (Feat. Tabi Bonney) 3:18
    10. Perfect For Me                     4:37
    11. Make A Lil' Love                   3:46
    12. Heart And Soul                     5:21


    Canadian dudes runnin' dis shit? Damn right!
    Get used to it, your Canadian friends are
    here to stay! Think of us as some sort of
    sticky lodger (damn syrup) making your
    house smell, crashing out on your couch
    eating your chips and drinking your beer.
    Thats us! Thats your good old Canadian
    friends! You <3 us, we <3 you. You </3 us,
    we steal your maple syrup. Everything
    works out in the end!

    CANADA ROCKS!!!!!!!!