• Hey hey my my - A sudden change of mood 2010 - [Muzik]



    Artist.......: Hey hey my my
    Album........: A sudden change of mood
    Label........: Sober and Gentle
    Genre........: Indie
    Catnr........: n/a
    source.......: CDDA
    rip.date.....: Jul-27-2010
    str.date.....: April-2010
    quality......: VBR/44.1Hz/Joint-Stereo
    Url..........: n/a

    track title time

    01. We go 02:29
    02. Not fun anymore 03:52
    03. Jazzol 03:11
    04. pool 03:55
    05. We're not Meant to last 02:45
    06. Hopeless girls 02:51
    07. Groove combat 02:57
    08. Oh lord 02:11
    09. Go to hell 03:02
    10. The next bar 03:08
    11. You look all the same 03:14
    12. Xmas day 07:05

    Runtime 40:40 min
    Size 50,3 MB

    Release Notes:

    Folk was had done its come-back, with its (false)
    bare sound and (true) melodic prowess: in 2007,
    Julien Gaulier and Julien Garnier published under
    the name of Hey Hey My My their first album filled
    to the brim with sing-alongs and delicious acoustic
    hooks and success came along. It was a question of
    timing, of course, but also the result of a strange
    musical adventure

    Indeed, alongside a music project fundamentally
    punk named British Hawaii, the collection of songs
    which became Hey Hey My My's first album was
    painstakingly elaborated by our two friends, on
    weekends, hidden away. And thus, if at the time the
    week was lived full on with the binary and electric
    sounds of punk rock, sunday afternoons on the other
    hand were rocked by the muffled clatter of acoustic
    guitars in the childhood home of Julien Gaulier.
    This strange musical szizophrenia could not
    decently last. Joined by Michel Aubinais on drums,
    the band goes on stage to defend its sweet folk
    songs, but slowly allows electricity to pervert
    them from the inside. Neil Young, on his live album
    Rust Never Sleeps, published in 1979, had warned
    them well: Hey hey, my my, rocknroll will never
    die .

    On tour, in the most famous french concert halls,
    just as at the most prestigious festivals, Hey Hey
    My My became this amazing war machine which many
    have since then discovered, first taken aback and
    then completely converted to what one might
    describe as a Crazy Horse - Neil Young's famous
    scene formation - squeezed in a rock formula.

    When recording their second album, doubt was no
    longer allowed: Hey Hey My My was not yet another
    folk band but rather a hybrid trio, passionate
    about music in all its forms. Because after the
    electric fever, the trio found with amazement the
    infinite possibilities of studio recording when
    co-producing their album with Frdric Soulard
    (Poni Hoax, Limousine, Viva & the Diva).
    And so, a few months passed at Studio Pipo, the
    breeding ground of Parisian talents (like Revolver,
    Alister, Le Tone etc.) will definitively liberate
    the Hey Hey My My sound. Neither rock nor folk, not
    even pop, electro or punk, the band's new songs
    display all the colors of the musical rainbow,
    while still keeping the momentum, the insolent
    freshness and this old-fashion writing, which made
    their first try a success.